The refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons (RM-IDP) workgroup with aims to explore the major health concerns among refugee and internally displaced population in Lebanon and other MENA countries and gather evidence on effective strategies to promote their health and social well-being. The R-IDP work group is currently working on 2 projects. The first Family Planning Project aims to explore the challenges to use family planning services among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The second Visual Health Project aims at improving the well-being and the academic performance of children refugee population.

Workgroup Items

C-Section delivery abuse

A new study is being designed to explore the abuse of C-section delivery among Syrian refugees.

Migrants’ challenges in higher education

Project MCHE (Migrant Challenges in Higher Education) aims to tackle the challenges migrants face for access higher education.

Visual Health

The Visual Health Project R-IDP work group of OPPH has received a grant from the University of Alicante in Spain to... [READ MORE]

Family Planning

R-IDP work group of OPPH, in collaboration with AMEL International association, is working on a research project that aims to explore the... [READ MORE]

Abuse of Women Migrant Domestic Workers (WMDW)

The Observatory has produced a research project that focuses on the abuse of women migrant domestic workers (WMDW). Abuse against WMDW is... [READ MORE]