The workgroup Infection Control (IC) of the OPPH is a group of microbiologists, immunologists and preventive medicine professionals who dedicate their research to the prevention of infections among the different population groups in Lebanon and other MENA countries, especially among marginalized populations with health disparities.

The work group IC evaluates the implementation of diagnostic methods for the detection of infectious agents that threaten public health in the region. It also aims to provide evidence and spread awareness about the effective implementation of vaccination policies comparing benefits to harms of such prevention strategies.

IC workgroup promotes health of population affected by the burden infectious diseases. It aims to ensure equality and quality of access to healthcare services among all population groups affected by infectious agents. Populations under study include HIV/AIDS patients, women, children and teenagers. Current projects include: The the evaluation of diagnostic tools for the detection of Streptococcus B. and E. coli among pregnant women in Lebanon and Kuwait evaluation of a web-based intervention to enhance compliance to Anti-retro viral drugs among HIV/AIDS patients in Lebanon.

Workgroup Items


This work-group aims to explore the barriers and promoters of vaccination in parents.

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